Norway Granite Blue Pearl Slab

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Product Details

Norway Granite Blue Pearl slab

Name: Blue Pearl

Color: Blue granite

Origin: Norway

Recommended Usage: Interior wall and floor applications, countertops, Tables and vanity tops.

Finishing Surface: Honed, Polished mainly

Additional Names:

Material data:

Water Absorption: 0.14%

Compressive Strength: 123.5 MPa

Density: 2760 kg/m3

Flexural Strength: 16.7 MPa


Blue pearl granite is a very rare type of granite, and it is a blue shade with hints of silver added into it. Blue Pearl granite is both precious and unique, which has a gorgeous metallic blue background. Its shimmering specks of black and grey give it a stunning iridescent look.

Blue Pearl Slab is an excellent choice for commercial and residential use for floors, walls and countertops and Bathroom Vanity tops:

9-8 (297).jpg

Vanity tops

9-8 (298).jpg

Vanity tops

9-8 (299).jpg

Vanity tops

Blue pearl 2.jpg


blue pearl.JPG

Vanity top

Blue pearl.jpg


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