Blue Agate Onyx Slab

Blue Agate Onyx Slab
2.0cm solid slab

Product Details

Blue Agate Onyx Slab

Manufacturer of Semi Precious Slabs-- Pink agate onyx slab, blue agate onyx slab, green agate onyx slab offered by Xiamen Yalitong Stone, Agate onyx slab is recommended for both luxury residential and commercial property installations including villas and high-end hotels.


Hotel luxury decor jade blue onyx stone backlit agate slab 

Specifications: 244 x 122 x 1.8-2.0cm thickness for slabs

Available with:  Gangsaw Slabs, Standard or cut to size tiles, Tabletops, Vanitytops  etc

Surface finish: Polished mainly

Application: Interior usage mainly

Origin: China

For the agate onyx slab, we can do not only solid slabs with 20mm thickness, but also composite slabs, agate onyx slab laminated with glass slab; which makes it to be backlit slabs.

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