White Marble Slabs For Bathroom

Guangxi White Marble slabs
Polished random slabs
1.8cm thickness

Product Details

White Marble Slabs for Bathroom

Xiamen Yalitong Stone, our factory has different resources for the white marble slabs. If you want to redesign your bathroom, please contact us for different materials options.

First you may give a new look for your bathroom flooring with our good quality white marbles.

This A quality of China white marble is quarried in China, and the slabs can be fabricated to be flooring tiles, wall tiles, vanitytops and window sills. Not only white marble slabs, but also we can supply white marble blocks, we can produce the sculptures or fireplaces, or integrated sinks etc.

A lot of same quality for our white marble slabs in stock available, specially with 18mm thickness. Welcome you coming to select the right bundles for your renovation!

For any enquiry regarding our White marble slabs, please contact us:

WhatsApp:+86 13859955059 (Sophy)
                  +86 13606008877 (Lily)

Contact 1:  Sophy Zhou

Email: sophy@yalitong-stone.com

Contact 2:  Lily Lin

Email: lily@yalitong-stone.com