Black Galaxy Granite Tiles

Black Galaxy granite tiles from India
Polished calibrated tiles
12"x12" or 12"x24"x1cm

Product Details

Black Galaxy Granite Tiles

Name: Black Galaxy

Color: Black granite with golden flecks

Origin: India

Recommended Usage: Interior wall and floor applications, countertops, Tables and vanity tops.

Finishing Surface: Honed, Polished mainly

Additional Names: Star Galaxy

Material data:

Water Absorption: 0.03%

Compressive Strength: 213.7 MPa

Density:3013 kg/m3

Flexural Strength: 21.0 MPa


Black Galaxy granite is a mostly black granite with big or small gold flecks. Black Galaxy granite is available in both slabs and tiles to allow for creative and coordinated installations. This durable granite is suitable for both interior and exterior projects and recommended for countertops, accent walls, backsplashes, cladding, floors, and other features.

1. Black Galaxy granite gangsaw Slabs, normally with 20mm thickness or 30mm thickness

Black galaxy

2. Black Galaxy Granite tiles, with size 12"x12"/ 18"x18" / 12"x24" / 24"x24" etc

Black galaxy granite

Black galaxy Polished tiles

Black galaxy granite tiles

Black galaxy tiles

Black granite tiles

Black galaxy granite tiles

Black Galaxy Granite Tile can be used on decks, porches, patios, and walls. Indoors; kitchen floors and backsplashes are the most popular area of use for granite tile. 

Black Galaxy Granite Tile is also a popular choice for high traffic floors like foyers because it is as elegant as it is durable. You can also use granite tile in basements and laundry rooms, and other places with heavy equipment. Black Galaxy Granite Tile is also being used more often in bathrooms, particularly on shower surrounds and shower pans as it is non porous, and works well in a wet environment.

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