China Pearl Grey Polished Tiles/Pearl Blue Flamed Tiles

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Product Details

China Pearl Grey Polished Tiles / Pearl Blue Flamed Tiles

Pearl Grey Granite; Pearl Blue Granite

Thickness: 2cm or 3cm

Type: Granite

Other name: Pearl Orchid

Finish: Polished or Flamed

Country of Origin: China

Material data:

Water Absorption: 0.37%

Compressive Strength: 165.3 MPa

Density: 2650 kg/m3

Flexural Strength: 14.5 MPa

Production Overview:

granite cutting

Cutting blocks

granite polish

Automatic polishing

granite cutting

Cutting tiles

Polished tiles we did for last project was:

90x60x2cm & 90x30x2cm

China Pearl grey tiles
china pearl grey tiles
china light grey tiles

chinese granite tiles
granite tiles package
granite tiles package

We can supply not only polished finish for the tiles, but also flamed finish.

For any enquiry regarding our china pearl grey or pearl blue granite tiles, please contact us:

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