Dark Grey Granite Steps

Dark grey granite steps
100-150x30-35x2/3 cm
Flamed surface with anti-slip strips

Product Details

Dark Grey Granite Steps

For dark grey granite steps, we can do polished surface, as well as flamed surface.

What color for granite steps are the most popular from China? 

The answer is Dark grey Granite steps and stairs products based on the data.

This dark grey granite steps with 3 lines anti slip in the long edge front, and the steps surface is flamed and with one long edge polished and bevelled, the raw material is padang dark grey , the grain in fine type as our pictures.

Normally we use this type grey granite steps for the outdoor decoration, and it is with long time service life, you can use it to the cold area and warm area climate, the material is very stable. 

About this dark grey granite steps can be fabricated with polished surface as well, and most of polished steps are used for indoor decoration. Because polished surface is suitable for dry area and also easier for daily cleaning.

The dimension of steps are mostly with 100-150cm length, and width in 30-35cm, thickness can be 2cm or 3cm.

Besides the steps, we can match the same color for the treads or risers.

For any enquiry regarding our dark grey granite steps or treads, please contact us:

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Contact 1:  Sophy Zhou

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