Surf white granite tiles

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Surf White is a Chinese granite, also named as Wave white.

Surf white granite Tile is economic and durable, which has a widely usage, it can be made as flooring tiles,walling tiles, bathroom vanitytops and kitchen countertops.

The characteristics of granite also include high load-bearing capacity, pressure resistance and good abrasive ductility. Granite is also easy to cut, shape, and can create thin plates and slabs. In short, granite has superior durability. Due to its high density, stains are difficult to invade. Polished granite slabs and granite tiles are already in an important position in the construction industry worldwide. Granite is also used in exterior wall packaging, roofing, flooring and a wide variety of floor coverings. Granite is suitable for the threshold, counter tops and outdoor floors. It is best to use dark granite in the counter top.

Observation and measurement identification

At first glance, the surface structure of the stone is observed with the naked eye. Generally speaking, the uniform fine material structure of the stone has a delicate texture, which is a good stone material; the coarse grain and the unequal grain structure stone have poor appearance effect, the mechanical properties are not uniform, and the quality is slightly poor. In addition, due to the influence of geological effects in natural stone, some fine veins and micro-cracks are often produced in it, and the stone is most likely to rupture along these parts, and should be removed. As for the lack of edges and angles, it is more important to affect the appearance, especially when choosing.

Two quantities, that is, the size specifications of the stone. In order to avoid affecting the splicing or causing the pattern, pattern and line deformation after splicing, affecting the decorative effect.

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