G603 Light Grey Granite Flamed Tiles

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Product Details

Product Description:

We supply chinese Light Grey granite G603 tiles to all over the world mainly with polished and flamed surface. Other finish like Bushhammered, sandblasted and honed are available as well. Light grey granite G603 tiles with flamed surface can be used for exterior pavers or swimming borders, polished tiles are normally installed indoor.

Product Features:

1. This G603 Light Grey Granite Flamed Tiles has good durability, elasticity and stain resistance. In addition, its heat resistance allows our products to withstand high temperatures without damage. This product has a unique pattern because they have unique spots or veins.

2. G603 Light Grey Granite Flamed Tiles has a natural neutral hue and is suitable for almost any color scheme. It is resistant to abrasion. This product is very good at preventing scratches and damage caused by debris and high traffic exposure.

3. The acid resistance of this product is also good, so the marble board we produce will not be harmed by most acidic foods or liquids. Its antibacterial surface makes it less likely to harbor bacteria. With proper care, marble panels with polished surfaces remain intact during their service life.

Product Specifications:

Products Name:G603 Light Grey Granite Flamed Tiles






Usage:Exterior - Paving tiles
Surface Finishing:Top surface Flamed, other sides sawn cut
Quality standard:Thickness tolerance: +/-1.5mm
Flamed and brushed surface availabe as per your requirement
Inspect every tiles before packing
Sample requirement:Free Sample available, sample freight needs to be charged

Products Overview:

G603 flamed

Flamed Tiles #1

light grey tiles

Flamed Tiles #2

g603 tile

Flamed Tiles #3

Quality Control:

G603 tiles

Dimension checking#1

light grey tiles

Dimension checking#2

Light grey flamed

Dimension checking#3

Package & Loading:


Fumigated wooden crates

G603 tiles

Fumigated wooden crates

Light grey crates