China Rosewood Sandstone Tiles

Rosewood Marble Tiles
Antique Finish

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China Rosewood Marble Tiles

Xiamen Yalitong Stone, we are a specialized manufacturer of Rosewood sandstone products. We have our own quarry in the north of China.

China rosewood sandstone

Rosewood sandstone

China rosewood quarry

Rosewood quarry

Rosewood sandstone China

Rosewood sandstone china

We can produce Rosewood sandstone blocks, Slabs, tiles for flooring tiles, or wall cladding.

Antique finish tiles surface looking:


For any enquiry regarding our Rosewood Sandstone tiles, please contact us:

WhatsApp:+86 13859955059 (Sophy)
                  +86 13606008877 (Lily)

Contact 1:  Sophy Zhou


Contact 2:  Lily Lin


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