Crema Marfil Marble Laminated Ceramic Flooring Tiles

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Crema Marfil Marble Laminated Ceramic Flooring Tiles

Crema Marfil Marble from Spain is a classic cream marble with tan undertones. This collection is ideally suited for indoor decoration. Create a spectacular aesthetic with this exquisite collection of marble flooring, wall tiles, and vanitytops.

We are manufacturer and exporter of Marble Laminated Ceramic Flooring Tiles.It is made of 3mm thin Marble tile laminated with 9mm Ceramic tile.It is also called Marble Compound Ceramic tiles ,Marble Ceramic tiles,Marble Composite Ceramic tiles,Marble tiles with Ceramic. Marble Laminated Ceramic Tile is more economy for the material cost and more efficent for the installation, but with the same effect as traditional marble tiles.

Product Description

1. Popular marble laminated ceramic flooring tiles dimension:

300 χ 600mm
400 χ 400mm
600 χ 600mm

2. Thickness: 12mm (3mm marble + 9mm ceramic)

3. Technical Data for Crema Marfil Marble:

Water Absorption: 0.07 %
Bulk Density: 2.7 G/cm3
Flexural Strength:  9.9 Mpa
Compressive Strength: 102.2 Mpa

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