Floor Medallions Made by Marble and Granite

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Floor Medallions made by marble and granite

Marble and Granite Floor Medallions are available in the designs shown in the pictures or in a custom design of your own, e.g., a family crest or a corporation logo.

Marble floor designs are executed by our master craftsmen in the marble, granite, or travertine. The stone medallions have been engineered to fit into stone floors. You may customize any water jet marble designs with the elements from other flooring medallions or borders.

Most of the floor medallions can be scaled up to any size. If you are interested in the particular floor medallion size, please send us emails with your designs or pictures.

The standard stone medallion thickness is 17mm. It can be made in other thickness as per your requirement. Standard thickness for solid marble medallions is 15-18mm thickness without aluminum.

The Marble or granite used for making floor medallions have no grout lines and are polished and sealed. Stone medallions can be installed in either floor or walls, and can be used as back-splashes in kitchens or as tabletops.

Waterjet stone medallion are made by Xiamen Yalitong Stone by cutting natural stone slabs with a waterjet machine, assembled as tight as possible on a solid backer. Stones are polished and sealed and there are no gaps or grout between individual pieces. You don't have to worry about cleaning the grout or matching grouts in color. The availability of computerized waterjet equipment allows us to cut stone to incredibly minor tolerances.


For any new project bidding, please contact us by export@yalitong-stone.com