Opera D’Arte Substitution Colorful Stone Terrazzo Design

Colorful stone terrazzo
Polished flooring tiles
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Opera D’Arte Substitution Colorful Stone Terrazzo Design

Inorganic terrazzo tile is a new artificial green material, our inorganic terrazzo blocks can be flexibly designed and processed into various specifications of slabs and standard panels according to customerized requirement. In term of processing, it can be polished, honed, flamed, bushhammered and waterjet etc.

Inorganic terrazzo stone is widely used for both residential and commercial property installations indoor or outdoor. It is the perfect choice to lower the cost and increase the capacity.


Available with:  Gangsaw Slabs, Standard or cut to size tiles, Kitchen countertops, Vanitytops or Lavatory sinks etc

Surface finish: Polished, honed, flamed, bushhammered, water jet etc.

Application: Interior or exterior decoration

Origin: China

Terrazzo Finishes

Once terrazzo is cut to size, the surface can have various finishes, from shiny and smooth to bevelled and rough.


This is when the surface is polished by machine and a protective shiny sealer is applied. It is the glossiest of all finishes and is suitable for low traffic areas.


This is an anti-slip finish where the surface texture is still smooth and even but the colour is matt and less shiny than in a polished one.


Brushed finish, on the other hand, is where you can feel the bevelled shapes of the aggregates. It will still be smooth to the touch, and can even be polished to have a shiny surface.


Unlike brushed, it has more porous than bevelled texture. It is highly slip-resistant and is suitable for outdoors and wet areas.


This finish, as the name suggests, has a rough distressed feel to it and is commonly used in the exterior.

These are the most common ones, in terms of the finishing surface, but you can also adjust the level of the mechanical and chemical treatment to achieve further textures and patterns.

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